Toyota Says Don’t Rule Out Land Cruiser Coming To America

Lexus’ attitude towards the Land Cruiser felt like a stark contrast. At the LX drive event in New Mexico, Lexus spokespeople told CarBuzz they expect “Land Cruiser orphans” to migrate towards the LX 600 Premium trim level. This model starts at $96,345 and offers a $1,295 appearance package that enables buyers to select no-cost 18-inch wheels. With smaller wheels and more sidewall, the LX is theoretically a better off-roader, like the Land Cruiser.

If you can live with the base LX, the $88,245 starting price isn’t much higher than the outgoing Land Cruiser’s $85,665 MSRP, so we can see why Toyota didn’t feel the need to offer both in the US, where volumes for both models are low.

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