Turbo Inline Pro Honda S2000 Is a Nigh 600-HP Terror on the Street

Turbo Inline Pro Honda S2000 Is a Nigh 600-HP Terror on the Street

YouTuber All-American Driver takes a test drive in a turbo S2000 wielding an insane 22 psi of boost.

Nothing beats the feeling of driving a Honda S2000, unless it’s driving a built-motor turbo S2000. The Honda S2000 was a great car from the factory, but there’s always room for improvement. A turbocharger adds some extra horsepower to your ride.

In this YouTube video, Jason Andrews (aka All-American Driver) goes for a spin in a turbocharged Honda S2000 that makes 573 horsepower and 424 lb-ft of torque. This model uses a fully-built inline pro manifold.

Honda S2000 Turbo

Dustin Baker, the owner of BakerBuilt Garage, tuned the car. The vehicle was modded with a full-race AEM Infinity turbo kit with a Garrett GT3582R turbocharger, dual 38 mm wastegates, a 4 x 8-inch intercooler, and a stock intake manifold. “You have to be kind of careful,” he said. “I have boosts ramping in at a slower rate and second to help the trans. But at third and fourth, I did 22 pounds, 20 pounds.”

Andrews remarked that while the S2000 delivered incredible speed, it didn’t feel too overpowered. “And this was like 570 horsepower.”

Driving the Honda S2000 Turbo

“I wasn’t sure how that car was going to feel, how that car was going to drive,” he said. “Is it overpowered for track? I don’t know. We had traction, and the power was pretty linear, pretty predictable.”

One thing’s for sure, Andrews came away impressed. “It’s definitely fun,” he said. “If it’s more or less reliable, and I can control the power depending on what track I’m at, it might be something that I’d go for in the future.”

Honda S2000 Turbo engine

The Honda S2000 is one of the most outstanding Japanese models from the early 2000s. Turbocharging an S2000 can provide a wide range of benefits. It will get more power and better performance, making the car much faster and more agile. It can also improve fuel economy, since the turbocharger uses the exhaust gasses to spin the turbine and create more power.

Baker warned: “You can get in a lot of trouble and a lot of financial trouble chasing horsepower and trying to be the fastest. But it’s so fun!”

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