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I also just got this form in the mail today. I actually got two for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because I own at 2005 Jetta but it’s not part of this. My 2018 GTI has just over 27K miles. And during a recent multi-point inspection the technician did mention he needed to slightly top off the coolant fluid. I’m hoping that I don’t need it replaced but when I put my VIN number into this site:
It says my Vehicle has been identified as part of this lawsuit. I just went out and checked and my fluid level is fine and the engine cooling system is currently working fine. I also watched this great video.
MK7 Waterpump
He said you need to take off the bottom splash guard to really see if it’s leaking. I’ll probably do this weekend to take a better look. I can’t believe how many times the OP had his replaced! That’s outrageous.
Also, in the video above he got a few different quotes from the Dealers and one quoted $1,520 for Part&Labor while the other one was only $794. Does anyone aside from the OP have the cost for parts&labor and what they ended up replacing? My car is completely stock so hopefully that helps prevent issues but not likely.
If/when I get this done should the manifold gasket also be done and anything else in this parts list? See “People Also Bought” WaterpumpThanks for any additional input. I’m hoping I don’t have to get this done but at least I should be able to get reimbursed. Someone else mentioned in another thread that VW refused the reimbursement because he didn’t have a 30K cooling system maintenance. I guess I better make sure I get the cooling system maintenance done in another 3K miles to make sure I can get reimbursed. I’m already loosing my butt on VWAPY stock and the market in general so this really SUCKS.

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