Volkswagen ID. Buzz meets Star Wars droids in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ tie-in

While there are no cars per se in the Star Wars universe, that hasn’t stopped Earth’s automakers from trying to generate a little buzz (wink) from associating new products with the franchise. The latest is Volkswagen, promoting the ID. Buzz in a tie-in with Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

In a new commercial, we see VW’s retro-electric van lurking on a sound stage doubling as the desert planet Tatooine. A camera crew is filming a scene from the prequel. In this universe, though, RD-D2 and C-3PO aren’t just props. They’re actual droids, but also actors, who are playing themselves in the series about Luke Skywalker’s mentor. The ad also introduces a new droid, a flying disc with wings like that of a ladybug, presumably starring in the new series.

The new droid and R2 come across the ID. Buzz and begin beeping with excitement. Apparently they’ve confused it for a fellow droid. Then C-3PO hobbles over and rains on their parade, admonishing them for thinking the EV with the friendly face is some kind of fellow automaton.

The ID. Buzz’s headlights then turn on, its self-leveling headlights settling into position. The move frightens the jumpy robots, as well as Jawas, who are also apparently actors of the glowing-eyed desert species. Then Ewan McGregor, who plays Obi-Wan, gets into the Buzz and drives away without saying a word.

McGregor has been a proponent of electric mobility. He rode a Harley-Davidson LiveWire in Long Way Up, his special about motorcycle touring. Although, he’s also a proponent of not acquiring more stuff.

The as futuristic as the ID. Buzz is, it’s unlikely to ever appear in the show. In recent years, Nissan also partnered with the Lucasfilm franchise for a series of ads, show cars, and even sold a Rogue One-inspired Nissan Rogue in 2017. However, it looks like VW is rekindling its tie-in with Star Wars that began over a decade ago with the Little Darth Vader Super Bowl ad.

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