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I purchased a xc60 plug in extended range on 4/30/22. While test driving I noticed a pressure behind the wheel and the sale rep said what I felt was the regenerative braking. I purchased the car at asking price and financed through the dealership. Also, I bought the extended warranty up to 125,000 miles or 6 years. In addition they also bought my Audi 2016 Q7 that was a reliable working automobile.
I drove the hybrid home and heard a banging noise when braking but thought it might just be the loose electric charging cables tossed in the back. 5/2 I drive the automobile to work and notice the popping sound has gotten progressively worse and can’t be the cables. I called the dealership and left a message for my sales rep. No one called me back, but at this point I’m starting to get upset as something is definitely wrong with this brand new car.That same day I call my local Volvo dealership (not where I bought the car). They can get me in later that day (first available) on 5/2. I bring the car in and they think maybe it’s a lose nut and throw the car up on the lift and tighten everything. That same night before the service department closes I call them and let them know it’s not resolved. Made the sounds I was complaining about as I drove it home. They said bring back in morning.5/3 I bring the car back to Volvo and tell them not only is the noise worse now that there is a grinding sound when the car decelerates. They don’t get back to me till the end of day to tell me they’ve been trying to figure out problem with Volvo. To give them another day and they will let me know an updated situation then. On 5/4 they tell me it’s best to take the car back to the dealership I bought it. That it needs a new erad and the part is back ordered with no eta on availability. They advise me not to drive the car other than directly back to original dealership (2 hours away) as it’s not really drivable with the broken erad. Could do more damage to the car should something break off etc. I finally got a hold of the original dealship after I called multiple time and told the receptionist I’d be holding for the gm and not to bother putting me to voicemail again. That gm promised me a loaner (something my local couldn’t offer). That same day -now afternoon I get the loaner and provide them with the car.

The original dealership tells me they need to do their own diagnostic. I’m like really because it was my understand that the case was already opened through Volvo. The gm offered to put me into another ev but it was going to cost me $9,000 more for another xc60. As the only other automobile was an r design ($4500 more) and he could only sell me a car on lot. It didn’t fit my lifestyle as it was cloth plus leather interior seating. I have a child, dogs, and live in Florida. Let’s just say it’s not ideal, but to be out of this mess I was willing to pay a bit more but the sticker price more. After two hours of waiting on finance the dealership was going to charge me all over again for tax, tag, title, dealer fees, and shipping etc. I don’t mind paying the higher msrp and tax, but why should after being sold an unusable/damaged automobile be the one to incur those additional costs again?! Like five thousand dollars more above the sticker price! I left upset that they would take advantage of the situation like that. The car didn’t break after I drove it off the lot the car. It was clearly problematic before I took possession. I was mislead and sold an unusable and unsafe brand new Volvo. On 5/5 the general manager calls me to tell me yeah they concluded the car needs a new erad too. Unfortunately, they can’t secure the part but, are asking to escalate the situation with the factory since the car is undrivable.

I called Volvo directly on (5/6) to follow up with my case and the customer advocate said they were still waiting on a diagnostic. Which I find strange since now two different Volvo dealership have cases and agreed on the identified problem. I explained I’m paying a loan on a brand new automobile that I owned for less than 24 hours before bringing to a Volvo service department. I’m in a rental not equivalent to my new car. More importantly no one can tell me when it will be fixed. I’m sorry but, this is not right. She said she’d add this to the notes. I guess I’ll just have to follow up every few days.

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