Weekly Treasure: 1994 Holden Commodore Ute

The Holden Commodore was never directly sold in the US. There was, of course, the dearly departed Pontiac G8 America briefly had, but utes, in general, have been AWOL for years. There is no modern-day Chevy El Camino or Ford Ranchero. Perhaps the Honda Ridgeline is the closest thing on sale today despite not being a true body-on-frame pickup truck. But in any case, the country that invented the ute body style and home to the Holden brand is, of course, Australia. Those Aussies are just as V8 and rear-wheel-drive crazy as Americans are. Their domestically designed and built cars reflected this. The Holden Commodore was one of them.

The Commodore dates back to 1978 and was built on a variety of platforms throughout its 41-year lifetime. Up until 2017, it was RWD. And then something happened.

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