What did you do with your XC90 today? | SwedeSpeed

She who must be obeyed took the very dirty XC90 to the rink with the little princess. She then took the princess on some errands. I think she picked up groceries, maybe a treat for the dog. She then parked the XC90 in the garage. I think in about two weeks she will treat it to an oil change at the dealer, which comes with a car wash. We change the oil in the XC90 and Astra every 5k miles, the difference being I use synthetic in the 57k mile Astra and do it myself. She brings the 124k mile XC90 to the dealer for semi synthetic (like a little bit pregnant) with a coupon. Not sure how often I will change it on the S80 which has 62k miles.

I on the other hand drove the S80 52 miles to the office yesterday, and on the way back took it to a touchless car wash. When I got home I took the dirty Astra out of the garage and put the S80 in the garage between her dirty XC90 and my Z3-M that is hibernating for the winter.

Today I took the dirty Astra to work and during lunch treated it to a touchless car wash. I did that because the headlights were dirty and I wanted all the illumination I could get for the 80mph drive home on I-25.

Tomorrow we will take the clean S80 to dinner where we will dine with another family. Then we may take the S80 to downtown to see the 9:00 fireworks display. Then hopefully get home before 10:00 to watch the ball drop in times square. Then to bed.

Then I will have to make a decision – take the little princess in she who must be obeyed’s dirty XC90 for a day trip skiing, or take one of my clean cars? Dilemma!

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