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Windshield tinted????
Besides horribly illegal, why in the hell would anyone ever dream up of an idea of getting that done?
Usually I try to ignore a lot of tint threads, I don’t get “hiding” in my car. I understand people wanting to even up the back and front tints, since front (doors) aren’t allowed to be near as dark as back doors, but DAMN windshield? I hope it is a show car that never gets driven at night. On top of reduced visibility (by design) of everything around you, like pedestrians… I have yet to see ANY film that doesn’t add glare, making night vision even worse.
And yes, my previous S90 had tint put on by the previous owner, and looked nice, but I never would have done it, and planned on removing it due to additional glare from lights at night from behind. (peasant blocker helps with that better than tint)
Rant mode off, how can rope case a windshield to crack, on both sides? Only thing I can think of is whatever tool they were jamming it in there with must have been used too forcibly.

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