World’s Longest Car Restored To Former Glory

While Cadillac’s range has since grown to offer more sensibly proportioned sedans and SUVs, there was a time when even its most compact cars were gargantuan in size. While the brand still offers the lengthy Escalade ESV, the days of oversized personal luxury cars and limousines are long gone.

Land yachts such as the Eldorado are, perhaps, the best-known example. Measuring 224 inches long and 79.8 inches wide, the ninth generation of the big Caddy won’t win any gymkhana events but, if you’re looking to build the world’s longest car, it’s an excellent starting point. The brainchild of eccentric designer Jay Ohrberg, the original was first designed in 1986 but, sadly, fell into disrepair. In its prime, the American Dream measured an extraordinary 100 feet long.

Now restored, the world’s longest car is ready to tackle (very wide and deserted) roads and, importantly, claim back its title. Impressively, it’s even longer before. It now measures 100 feet and 1.5 inches long, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

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