You’re Gonna Have To Pay More For A 2022 GMC Yukon Again

As of late this month, the 2022 GMC Yukon got a price hike. GMC has raised prices for its popular Chevrolet Tahoe twin across the board on all trim levels, with the price jump also applicable to the larger Yukon XL, which is around 15 inches longer than the standard model. It’s also worth noting that the price change applies to the Yukon AT4 and AT4 XL.

Thankfully, the jump is rather small. Think of this more as a market price correction than GMC looking for more cash from its buyers. At most, the price of the $52,100 MSRP comes up by $600. Not all bad, but still noteworthy. Happily, those leasing will hardly feel the price increase. $600 spread out over the term of a lease isn’t much to worry about.

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